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Eurocopter AS350B-3 exteriorEurocopter AS350B-3 panel
Helicopter Unlimited


Registration: N905AS

We want this one GONE!
Call & let's talk about price!

Maintained by Airbus
No Damage History
No Offshore History
US Located & Certified
12 Year Due: March 2027
Fresh 100/12 Month Insp
Current in Every Regard

Total Time: 1,795 TT (+/-)
Total Engine: 2,437 TT (+/-)

Eurocopter For sale
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Eurocopter For sale
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Freon Air Conditioning
Cargo Hook Fixed Provisions
Standard Cabin Doors
Sand Filter (Particle Separator)
High Skids w/Short Steps
Utility Interior

King & Garmin Avionics
Dual Controls
T/RD/Shaft Heat Shield
King HSI & RMI
Co-Pilot Instruments
Flight Instruments

Component Times Remaining:
M/R Blades: 19,626
T/R Hyd Servo:2270
Starter/Generator: 826
Starflex: 2626
Tail Rotor: 3636
Bleed Valve: Cond.
M/R Sleeves: 6226
T/R Gearbox: 2626
H.M.U.: 2061 (03/21)
Spherical Brngs: 5810
MO1 (Acc.G/Box): 2560 (10/25)
Electro Valve: Cond.
Spherical Bolts: 2626
MO2 (Axial Comp): 395 (08/24)
Axial Comp: 14200 Cyl

M/R Head Bolts: 2626
MO3 (Gas Gen): 2048 (10/27)
Impeller: 16200 Cyl
Epicyclic: 1204
MO4 (Free Turb): 3304 (05/31)
Injection Wheel: 7100 Cyl
Bevel Reduction: 2626
MO5 (Turb G/Box): 3304 (05/31)
Turb Disc: 11200 Cyl
Oil Pump: 923
Freewheeling Unit: 1063
Turb Blades: 5626
M/R Hyd Servos: 1238+
Free Turb Disc: 13500 Cyl

Helicopters Unlimited
Steve Tanner
117 Murchison Drive
Bastrop, TX
Phone: 512-985-5203